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Traditions of healthy foods in our Family created Cobelda Limited, established in 2015, to manufacture Naturally Nutritious treats. We grew up thinking of balanced diet and responsibility of keeping our body healthy with good nutrition. Honey, herbs, berries, protein and vitamins were the ideas of natural nutrition. This is the message of Cobelda to the world besides contributions to safe and sustainable healthy diets. We worked with scientists and used knowledge and innovation to protect nutrients with a good taste by just using natural ingredients. Our Beans promote the beautiful way nature provides flavours, vitamins, nutrients and sweetness for the the best nutrition in daily diets.

Cobelda - Feeding the World
Cobelda High Protein Smoothie Snacks


Cobelda Beans are made using a unique way to keep the raw ingredients as good as they come from the Nature. Proteins and natural sugars protect active superfood properties of cacao, honey, berries and fruits. A natural sweet surface is cool and crunchy – other natural ingredients inside this cover are protected but released in chewing and digestion. Let the taste of honey and flavours of chocolate melt in your mouth from creamy Nutra Beans or enjoy the aromas and fruity tastes of Fruity Beans. Besides the clean and flavourful enjoyment we ensured that Cobelda Beans come with a balanced composition. Our treats are convenient bitesize delights – enjoy their natural sweetness, proteins, oils, vitamins, and nutrients.

Sea Buckthorn Smoothie Snacks
Wild Blueberry Smoothie Snacks
Strawberry Smoothie Snacks
Black Currants Smoothie Snacks
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We wish to support and ensure the health of future generations. Cobelda realised the needs of urban populations, the unavailability of balanced nutrition in parts of the World and the needs for energy and nutrient availability of a busy lifestyle. The opportunity was in the use of the modern knowledge to come about in stable, safe and tasty bites appealing at all ages. Our tradition comes from the dream of clean nature and beautiful Scandinavian Summers. We enjoy flavourful berries, sweet tropical cacao, coconut and fruits, vitamins of citrus from the Mediterranean, and green fields of Ireland …

We All Love Cobelda

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